Acta Physica Polonica A
Vol. 123No. 1January 2013

Controllability Analysis of Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Process
Z. Ahmad, B. Abdallah, page 3,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Controlling Chaos in Damped and Driven Morse Oscillator via Slave-Master Feedback
S. Behnia, A. Akhshani, M. Panahi, R. Asadi, page 7,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Preisach Images of a Simple Mechanical System
M.W. Gutowski, S. Markovskyi, A. Chyao, page 13,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Some Exact and Explicit Solutions for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
İ. Aslan, page 16,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Violation of Bell-CHSH & CH Inequalities by Superposition of Two Coherent States (π/2 Out of Phase)
D. Kumar Mishra, page 21,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Energy Levels and Atomic Lifetimes of Rydberg States in Neutral Indium
M. Yildiz, page 25,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Analysis and Elaboration of an Air-Coupled Ultrasound Wideband Sensor Array
K. Herman, L. Stach, page 31,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Two-Dimensional Optical Imaging of Artificial Magnetic Field in the Laboratory
X.-N. Li, N. An, X.-J. Li, X.-Q. Feng, J.-T. Bai, page 34,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties and Reverse Saturable Absorption in 2,3-Butanedione Dihydrazone Using z-Scan Technique
V. Singh, P. Aghamkar, B. Lal, page 39,  abstract   Full Text PDF

All-Optical Diode Action in Quasiperiodic Fibonacci Nanostructures
A. Namdar, F. Ebadi-Garjan, page 45,  abstract   Full Text PDF

An Analytical Study of Nonlinear Vibrations of Buckled Euler-Bernoulli Beams
I. Pakar, M. Bayat, page 48,  abstract   Full Text PDF

A Simulation Research on Chaotic Behavior of Parabolic and Elliptic Underwater Acoustic Ray Equations
S.-H. Li, X.-J. Li, page 53,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Anomalous Phase and Attenuation Constants of SiC Rod Waveguide at Higher Temperatures
T. Gric, L. Nickelson, page 58,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Double Diffusion in Ar-N2 Binary Gas System at the Constant Value of Temperature Gradient
V.D. Seleznev, V.N. Kosov, I.V. Poyarkov, O.V. Fedorenko, M.T. Beketaeva, page 62,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Study on the Breakdown Mechanism of Fabrication of Micro Channels in Fused Silica Substrates with ps Laser Pulses
S.X. Li, Z.C. Bai, S.J. Qin, page 67,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Transport Coefficients in Mixtures Ar/H2
Ž. Nikitović, V. Stojanović, page 73,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Characterization of TiAlV Films Prepared by Vacuum Arc Deposition: Effect of Substrate Temperature
B. Abdallah, O. Mrad, I.M. Ismail, page 76,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Study of Glass Transition and Crystallization Behavior in Ga15Se85-xPbx (0 ≤ x ≤ 6) Chalcogenide Glasses
Z.H. Khan, S.A. Khan, M.A. Alvi, page 80,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Effect of Low Temperature Annealing on Microstructural and Optical Properties of (BaTiO3)0.84(CeO2)0.16 Thin Films
Z.H. Dughaish, page 87,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Structural Properties and Temperature Behaviour of Optical Absorption Edge in Polycrystalline ZnO:X (Cu,Ag) Films
B. Kulyk, V. Figà, V. Kapustianyk, M. Panasyuk, R. Serkiz, P. Demchenko, page 92,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Tb11O20
S. Baran, R. Duraj, A. Hoser, B. Penc, A. Szytuła, page 98,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Zero-Field Splitting Parameters of Cr3+ in Lithium Potassium Sulphate at Orthorhombic Symmetry Site
S. Pandey, R. Kripal, page 101,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Controlling of Optical Band Gap of Allyl Diglycol Carbonate Polymer with Ultraviolet Laser Radiation
W.A. Farooq, M.R. Baig, A. Fatehmulla, M.S. Al-Salhi, S.S. Al-Ghamdi, F. Yakuphanoglu, page 106,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Evaluation of Optical Properties of Ag, Cu, and Co Nanoparticles Synthesized in Organic Medium
Ž. Kaminskienė, I. Prosyčevas, J. Stonkutė, A. Guobienė, page 111,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Work Function of Vicinal Copper Surfaces
P.J. Godowski, J. Onsgaard, page 115,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Experimental Evidence for Jahn-Teller Transition in a Fe(II)Fe(III) Bimetallic Oxalate
G. Tang, Y. He, F. Xu, Q. Zhang, page 118,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Preparation and Switching Behavior Characterization of Some Quaternary Thallium Chalcogenide Compounds
R.H. Al Orainy, A.T. Nagat, page 121,  abstract   Full Text PDF

First Principles Study of Stability and Electronic Structure of TMH and TMH2 (TM = Y, Zr, Nb)
S. Kanagaprabha, A.T. Asvinimeenaatci, G. Sudhapriyanga, A. Jemmy Cinthia, R. Rajeswarapalanichamy, K. Iyakutti, page 126,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Electron Dynamics in Crystalline Semiconductors
W. Zawadzki, page 132,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Magnetic Properties and the Magnetic Phase Transitions in R5Rh4Ge10 (R = Tb-Tm) Compounds
R. Duraj, A. Szytuła, page 139,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Magnetic Properties RNi5Sn (R = Pr, Nd) Compounds
Yu. Tyvanchuk, L.P. Romaka, A. Szytuła, R. Duraj, A. Zarzycki, page 145,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Transfer Matrix Approach to One-Dimensional Electron Transport in Graphene Sheets with Piecewise Constant Potentials
S.R. Ghazanfari, page 148,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Manipulation of ZnO/Polymer Nanocomposites Generated by Nanosecond Laser Ablation in Organic Liquid
S. Faramarzi, S. Bajelan, H. Akbarian, page 152,  abstract   Full Text PDF

Surface Waves along the Martian Ionopause
P. Chmielewski, K. Murawski, N. Kumar, page 156,  abstract   Full Text PDF