On the Dipole-Induced Resonance Motion in a Paul Trap
C.M. Niculae
Bucharest University, Department of Physics POB MG11, 76900 Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
Received: March 27, 1998; revised version July 28, 1998
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The problem of resonant motion induced by the dipole component of the antisymmetric potential function in a radiofrequency Paul trap is investigated here. We show that, at low-level additional rf-voltage, the line-shape and the increasing rate of its amplitude, for the ion-excitation phenomenon, can be derived from the dipole approximation of the antisymmetric term in the potential energy. This approximation does not take into account the observed line-shift.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.94.719
PACS numbers: 32.80.Pj, 52.58.Qv, 52.65.Cc