Some Magnetic Properties of Thin Films Prepared from Fe-(M-NO-Si-B (M=Cu, Ag, Pt, Pd) Alloys
I. Gościańska
Institute of Physics, A. Mickiewicz University, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 Poznań, Poland

H. Ratajczak
Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Smoluchowskiego 17/19, 60-179 Poznań, Poland

P. Sovák, M. Konć and P. Matta
Department of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Sciences, P.J. Safarik University, Kośice, Slovakia
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Saturation magnetic induction, Bs, and coercive field, Hc, have been studied upon annealing in films flash evaporated from Fe73.5M1Nb3Si13.5B8 alloys. The changes in Bs significantly diverged at increasing annealing temperature, Ta, and did not indicate any formation of ultrafine grain phase in the films. Hc measured as an angular function in the plane of the films revealed oscillations due to weak in-plane anisotropy. The coercivity increased in the course of annealing at increasing Ta, while the in-plane anisotropy decreased at the same time.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.85.423
PACS numbers: 75.50.Kj, 75.70.-i, 81.40.-z