The Effect of the Asymmetry in the Transport through a Graphene-Based Quantum Structure in Uniform Electric Field
D. Băltăţeanu
West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Physics, Bd. V. Pârvan, No. 4, RO-300223, Timisoara, Romania
Received: March 22, 2018; in final form April 6, 2019
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The effect of an external and constant electric field on the transmission coefficient and the ballistic conductance is investigated, for a multi-barrier asymmetric quantum structure based on monolayer graphene. It is found that at lower angles of incidence, for certain asymmetric structures the resonant peaks in the transmission gap can be suppressed only by the bias voltage. Furthermore, the pronounced forbidden region that appears in all conductance profiles can be controlled using the external electric field, for an adequate choice of quantum system parameters. Our results could be used for a better description of the transport through such quantum systems and for designing graphene-based devices with potential applications in nanoelectronics.

topics: graphene, Dirac equation, transmission coefficient, multi-barrier structure