Locally Non-Equilibrium Magnetoelectric State in Diamagnetic
A. Kabychenkov
Fryazino Fillial of V.A. Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Vvedensky sq. 1, Fryazino, Moscow region, 141190, Russia
Received: September 3, 2017
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In the framework of locally non-equilibrium thermodynamics, the equation of motion of the vector of the magnetic moment in a continuum with spatial dispersion is written. The spectrum of locally non-equilibrium fluctuations of the electromagnetic field and magnetization in a magnetically disordered continuum is determined. It is shown that the dispersion dependences of the fluctuations have energy and impulse gaps. Unstable modes in the diamagnetic state are observed for long relaxation times and weak spatial dispersion. Stationary amplitudes of the modes in the instability region are determined. It is shown that the transition to a locally non-equilibrium state can be regarded as a phase transition. In a new phase, there are damped (normal) and undamped excitations. It is shown that stationary standing modes exist in a limited non-equilibrium medium. The propagation of waves in a locally non-equilibrium continuum with spatial dispersion is considered. It is shown that there are regions of transmission and non-transmission in which there may be frequencies of transparency and opacity.

topics: magnetic moment, spin waves, diamagnetic, instability, phase transition, transparency