Comparison of Electrical Performances of Power Electronics Switches and an Effective Switch Selection Algorithm
H. Zenk
Giresun University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Electrics and Electronics, 28200 Giresun, Turkey
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Electronics switches commonly used in power electronics circuits are the part of the electronics system depending on energy efficiency, circuit topology, switching matrix design, interaction with filter elements, and many other parameters. For the first new switch design prototype to identify of electrical efficiency of the semiconductor switch working with a system, it is very important that estimation of the variables saves time, labor, and economical resources. In this study, the new algorithm is proposed and applied to circuit estimate efficiency of power electronics switches. The current-voltage-power capacities, switching rate, power losses, physical dimensions, heating levels of power electronics switches used in the circuit are investigated and algorithmically estimated according to the result of experimental performance switches.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.133.869
topics: power electronics switches (PES), switch selection algorithm (SSA), IGBT, MOSFET, BJT, diode