Solution of a Class of Optimization Problems Based on Hyperbolic Penalty Dynamic Framework
F. Evirgen
Balıkesir University, Department of Mathematics, Balıkesir, Turkey
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In this study, a gradient-based dynamic system is constructed in order to solve a certain class of optimization problems. For this purpose, the hyperbolic penalty function is used. Firstly, the constrained optimization problem is replaced with an equivalent unconstrained optimization problem via the hyperbolic penalty function. Thereafter, the nonlinear dynamic model is defined by using the derivative of the unconstrained optimization problem with respect to decision variables. To solve the resulting differential system, a steepest descent search technique is used. Finally, some numerical examples are presented for illustrating the performance of the nonlinear hyperbolic penalty dynamic system.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1062
PACS numbers: 02.60.Pn, 02.70.-c, 02.30.Hq