Determination of Pulse Width and Pulse Amplitude Characteristics of Materials Used in Pendulum Type Shock Calibration Device
E. Bilgic
TÜBİTAK Ulusal Metroloji Enstitüsü (UME), Gebze Kocaeli, Turkey
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Calibration of shock and vibration transducers is performed by using the methods described in ISO 16063-13 and 16063-22 standards, at primary and secondary levels respectively. At secondary level, the devices, generating mechanical shock, are pendulum shock calibrator, dropball shock calibrator, pneumatically operated piston shock calibrator and Hopkinson bar shock calibrator. The main parameters and requirements of the shock calibrator devices, named here, are also given in ISO 16063-22 standard. Pulse width and pulse amplitude are the important parameters in calibration of the shock and vibration transducers. Pulse width and shape depend on the material properties. In this paper the determination of pulse width and pulse amplitude characteristics of materials used in pendulum type shock calibration device, designed in TUBİTAK UME, is presented.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.857
PACS numbers: 06.20.Dk, 06.20.fb