Numerical Simulation of Temperature Distribution Field in Beam Bulk in the Simultaneous Presence of Heat Insulation, Heat Flux and Heat Exchange
A. Kudaykulov a and A. Zhumadillayeva b
aInstıtute of Informatıon and Computer Technologıes, Almaty, Kazakhstan
bL.N.Gumılyov Eurasıan Natıonal Unıversıty, Astana, Kazakhstan
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In the work at the level of basic laws of conservation of energy combined with the use of quadratic spline functions a resolving system of equations is constructed. Herewith, the procedure is prepared to minimize the functionals of total thermal energy and potential energy of elastic deformation involving temperature field.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.335
PACS numbers: 45.20.dh, 44.05.+e