The Ground State Nilsson Quantum Numbers of the Odd-Odd 138,140Pr Nuclei
Z. Zenginerler a,b, F. Ertuğral a,b, N. Demirci a,b, E. Tabar a,b, A.A. Kuliev c, E. Guliyev d,e and Y. Atmaca a
aPhysics Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Sakarya University, 54100, Sakarya, Turkey
bBiomedical, Magnetic and Semiconductor Materials Research Center (BIMAS-RC), Sakarya University, Turkey
cThe National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
dState Agency on Nuclear and Radiological Activity Regulation, N. Rafiyev 66, Baku, Azerbaijan
eInstitute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
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In this work, we have determined the Nilsson quantum numbers of the ground state of the odd-odd 138,140Pr nucleus for the first time. To achieve it, several low energy neutron-proton two quasiparticle levels have been calculated in 138,140Pr nuclei using deformed Woods-Saxon potential basis. The Gamov-Teller β(+) decay transition matrix elements from these levels to the ground state of the neighbor 138,140Ce nuclei and log ft values have been calculated. From the comparison of theoretical and experimental log ft values and neutron-proton K quantum numbers the ground state Nilsson quantum numbers of the odd-odd isotopes have been determined as {n[402]3/2-p[413]5/2}1+ for two isotopes.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.459
PACS numbers: 23.40.-s, 27.70.+q, 21.10.Hw