Quadrupole Moments and Deformation Parameters of the 166-180Hf, 180-186W and 152-168Sm Isotopes
F. Ertuğrala, E. Guliyev b, A.A. Kuliev c
aPhysics Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Sakarya University, 54100, Adapazari, Turkey
bAzerbaijan National Academy of Arviation, Baku, Azerbaijan
cState Agency on Nuclear and Radiological Activity Regulation, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan
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In this study, the quadrupole moments of the 166-180Hf, 180-186W and 152-168Sm isotopic chains have been calculated by using the Woods-Saxon mean field potential in the framework of the superfluid model of the atomic nucleus. Our calculation showed that the deformation parameter mainly used in literature overestimates the actual values of deformation parameters β2 by 10% for the well-deformed rare-earth nuclei. Besides, the contribution of the hexadecapole deformation to all quadrupole moments in question is smaller than 0.01 barn. The results showed that the theoretical values of the quadrupole moments are in good agreement with the previous theoretical works which have been done only for Sm isotopes and the corresponding experimental data for nuclei in question. The best theoretical value for quadrupole moment has been reached for the 152Sm isotope.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-254
PACS numbers: 27.70+q