The Effects of the Random Transverse Crystal Field on the Spin-1 Model
E. Albayrak
Erciyes University, Department of Physics, 38039, Kayseri, Turkey
Received: August 8, 2014; In final form: January 17, 2015
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The effects of random transverse crystal field are investigated in the mean-field approximation on the spin-1 model. The transverse crystal field is applied on a lattice in a bimodal random distribution with a tunable parameter adjusting the strength of one mode with respect to the other one. Then, the phase diagrams are calculated on the reduced temperature-transverse crystal field planes for given values of probability p and coordination number q at zero external magnetic field h. It was found that the model gives both second- and first-order phase transitions and tricritical points which is a well-known behavior of the spin-1 model. In addition, the model also yields critical end points and end points for the first-order phase transition lines for appropriate p values.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.818
PACS numbers: 75.10.Hk, 75.30.Kz, 75.50.Gg