Motion Center in Quantum Wave Packet Dynamics
Qian Liua,b, Yanxia Yu c, Hui Pand and Z.S. Wanga,b,*
aCollege of Physics and Communication Electronics, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, P.R. China
bCenter for Quantum Science and Technology, Nanchang 330022, P.R. China
cSchool of Physical Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, P.R. China
dInstitute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, Macao SAR, China
Received: September 20, 2013; Revised version: March 25, 2014; In final form: December 10, 2014
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We seek for an oscillating center solution of the wave function satisfying the Schrödinger equation for a nonrelativistic charge particle in an arbitrary external field, where the oscillating center of physical system is a motion governing by a guidance formula of the classical mechanics and at the same time, the physical system obeys the rule of quantum mechanics. In terms of our approach, one enables to know how quantum process may actually come about. The results are applied to analyze the Landau level. We explain successfully that the orbit of oscillator center for the Landau level is circle.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.761
PACS numbers: 71.70.Di, 73.43.-f, 03.65.Ta, 03.65.Sq