Ground State Phase Properties of the Penson-Kolb-Hubbard Model with Attractive Pair-Hopping Interaction
W.R. Czart and S. Robaszkiewicz
Electron States of Solids Division, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Umultowska 85, 61-614 PoznaƄ, Poland
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We study the ground state phase diagrams of the extended Hubbard model with the pair-hopping interaction J, i.e. the Penson-Kolb-Hubbard model. We concentrate on the case of attractive J (J> 0) which can stabilise s-wave pairing superconductivity in the system and competes with the on-site repulsive U. The evolution of the phase diagrams and order parameters for arbitrary electron density and representative values of the interaction parameters are analyzed within the (broken symmetry) Hartree-Fock approximation. The calculations are performed for the case of nearest-neighbors electron hopping t on the d=2 square lattice.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.278
PACS numbers: 74.20.-z, 71.28.+d, 74.20.Mn