Non-Polynomial Spline Method for a Time-Dependent Heat-Like Lane- Emden Equation
S.H. Caglar and M.F. Ucar
Department of Mathematics - Computer, Istanbul Kultur University, 34156 Atakoy, Istanbul, Turkey
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In this study, a time-dependent heat-like Lane-Emden equation is solved by using a non-polynomial spline method. An example is solved to assess the accuracy of the method. The numerical results are obtained for different values (n) of equation. The results indicate that non-polynomial spline method is effectively implemented. It is seen that results are compatible with exact solutions and consistent with other existing numerical methods.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.121.262
PACS numbers: 02.30.Jr, 02.60.Lj, 02.70.Bf, 02.70.Jn, 44.05.+e