Ground State and Magnetostatic Properties of a Dipole System Arranged in Two-Dimensional Lattice
E. Bolcala, V. Dimitrova, B. AktaƟb, H. Aslanb and A. Bozkurtb
aDepartment of Physics, Istanbul Kultur University, Atakoy Campus E5 Karayolu Uzeri, Bakirkoy 34156 Istanbul, Turkey
bDepartment of Physics, Gebze Institute of High Technology, Gebze, Turkey
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A system of nano sized modomain ferromagnetic particle arranged in two-dimensional lattice is theoretically investigated. The basic aim of the investigation is to find the ground state of these types of models where the interaction is long-ranged and anisotropic. The numerical calculations show that for some lattices there is a number of degenerated states near the zero temperature. The ground state of these systems is basically of a complicated antiferromagnetic type.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.121.257
PACS numbers: 75.10.-b