Influence of Angular Orientation of the Embedded Highly Birefringent Fiber on PMD Changes under Axial Stress
D. Budaszewskia, P. Lesiaka, R. Plagaa, G. Rajanb, Y. Semenovab, G. Farrellb, A. Boczkowskac, A. Domańskia and T. Wolińskia
aFaculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
bPhotonics Research Centre, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland
cFaculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Warszawa, Poland
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In the paper we present results of the research on polarization mode dispersion changes inside the polarimetric optical fiber sensors based on highly birefringent optical fibers embedded into composite materials with different angular orientations of the optical axes. Based on measurements made for different types of highly birefringent optical fiber sensors we have shown that strain sensitivities after lamination process are different in comparison to the data obtained before lamination. Our results indicate that polarization mode dispersion in side-hole highly birefringent fibers under axial stress strongly depends on fiber orientation in the composite material suggesting that orientation of the polarization axes of the highly birefringent fiber can be responsible for behavior of the fiber inside the composite material.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.575
PACS numbers: 42.81.Gs, 42.81.Pa, 62.23.Pq