Semirelativistic 1s-2s Excitation of Atomic Hydrogen by Electron Impact
S. Taja, B. Manauta and L. Oufnib
aFaculté Polydisciplinaire, Université Sultan Moulay Slimane, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Recherche, en Sciences et Techniques (LIRST), Boite Postale 523, 23000 Béni Mellal, Morocco
bFaculté des Sciences et Techniques, Département de Physique, Université Sultan Moulay Slimane, LPMM-ERM, Boite Postale 523, 23000 Béni Mellal, Morocco
Received: September 21, 2010; in final form: December 15, 2010
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In the framework of the first Born approximation, we present a semirelativistic theoretical study of the inelastic excitation (1s1/2 → 2s1/2) of hydrogen atom by electronic impact. The incident and scattered electrons are described by a free Dirac spinor and the hydrogen atom target is described by the Darwin wave function. Relativistic and spin effects are examined in the relativistic regime. A detailed study has been devoted to the nonrelativistic regime as well as the moderate relativistic regime. Some aspects of this dependence as well as the dynamic behavior of the differential cross-section in the relativistic regime have been addressed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.119.769
PACS numbers: 34.80.Dp, 12.20.Ds