Asymptotic Formulae of the Modal Acoustic Impedance for the Asymmetric Vibrations of a Clamped Circular Plate
W.P. Rdzanek, W.J. Rdzanek and K. Szemela
Department of Acoustics, Institute of Physics, University of Rzeszów, al. Rejtana 16A, 35-310 Rzeszów, Poland
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The asymptotic and approximate formulae for the asymmetric modal acoustic self- and mutual impedance have been presented for a clamped circular plate embedded into a flat rigid baffle. The formulae have been obtained for the wide frequency band covering the low frequencies, the high frequencies and the middle frequencies. The high frequency asymptotics have been achieved using the method of contour integral and the method of stationary phase. The products of the Bessel and Neumann functions have been expressed as the asymptotic expansions. Further, the approximate formulae valid within the low and middle frequencies have been obtained from the high frequency asymptotics using some mathematical manipulations. The formulae presented are valid for both the axisymmetric vibrations and the asymmetric vibrations.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.118.141
PACS numbers: 43.20.Ks, 43.20.Rz, 43.40.+s