Deformation of Two Coupled Scalar Fields with Cosmological Solution
J. Sadeghi and A.R. Amani
Sciences Faculty, Department of Physics, Mazandaran University, P.O. Box, 47415-416, Babolsar, Iran
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Received: 20 08 2007; Revised version: 11 11 2007; In final form: 12 12 2007;
We study the first-order formalism for the two coupled scalar fields with the superpotential W(φ,χ). As we know, the cosmological solution crucially depends on the coupled scalar fields. Here, we deform the corresponding superpotential and obtain the solution for some cosmological parameters. Finally, we compare the deformed and non-deformed solutions with the different figures.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.677
PACS numbers: 04.60.-m, 02.90.+p, 02.30.Jr