Discrete Space-Time by Means of the Weyl-Dirac Theory
M. Agop a, b, L. Chicos b and M. Gîrţu b
a Department of Physics, University of Athens, Athens 15771, Greece
b Department of Physics, Technical"Gh. Asachi" University, Blvd. Mangeron no. 64, Iasi - 700029, Romania
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Received: 23 05 2007; Revised version: 19 06 2007;
A connection between the Weyl-Dirac theory and scale relativity theory through the hydrodynamic models (relativistic and non-relativistic approaches) is established. In such conjecture, considering that the motions of the microparticles take place on continuous but non-differentiable curves i.e. on fractals, a Weyl-Dirac type equation was found. Some correspondences with known hydrodynamic models, particularly Białynicki-Birula's approach, are analyzed. All these results reflect the fractal structure of the space-time (a concept in agreement with the new ideas on the space-time)
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.112.3
PACS numbers: 04.20.Cv, 05.45.Df