Cold Neutron Interferometry Using Multilayer Neutron Mirrors
T. Kawai
Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Kumatori-cho, Osaka 590-0494, Japan
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The object of this report is to review the recent results and some perspectives on cold neutron interferometry using multilayer neutron mirrors developed in KUR. The purposes of our research are to develop new experimental techniques, new devices for controlling neutron spin states for opening up a new world of physics. A multilayer neutron polarizer working under a very low external magnetic field (low field magnetic mirror), Funahashi's interferometer, a cold neutron spin echo instrument, a multilayer neutron spin splitter and a cold neutron pulser were developed. The equivalency of the quantum precession induced by the effective gap layer of the multilayer neutron spin splitter and Larmor precession of neutron spin in a magnetic field is established. This idea allows us to develop a cold neutron phase-spin-echo interferometer (a neutron spin interferometer). The neutron spin interferometer and a cold neutron pulser enabled us to carry out the delayed choice experiment for answering the question "how the neutron wave propagates after being split by the semitransparent mirror (wave splitter)". These matters are reviewed in this paper.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.96.33
PACS numbers: 03.75.-b