Investigations of High Temperature Phase Transitions in (NH3c2H5)2CuCl4 Crystals
V. Kapustianik, Yu. Korchak, S. Sveleba
Laboratory of Ferroics Physics, Physical Dept., Lviv Franko University, Kyryla i Mefodiya st. 8, 290005 Lviv-5, Ukraine
R. Tchukvinskyi
Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Wrocław, Pl. M. Borna 9, 50-204 Wrocław, Poland
and I. Girnyk
Institute of Physical Optics, Dragomanova st. 23, 290005 Lviv-5, Ukraine
Received: December 9, 1998
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On the basis of dilatometric, optical, and dielectric investigations of (NH3C2H5)2CuCl4 crystals the existence of phase transitions at T1=364 and T2=356 K was confirmed. Anomalous behaviour of the thermal expansion coefficient and optical birefringence around T3=330 K was related to earlier unknown phase transition. Besides, it was shown that these crystals are characterised by considerable protonic conductivity, the nature of which is fairly well explained in the framework of Grotthus mechanism of proton transport.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.95.351
PACS numbers: 64.70.-p