Correlation Length in PBnA Liquid Crystal Family
K. El Guermaia,b, M. Ayadia and K. El Boussirib
a Département de Physique, Faculté des Sciences, route d'El Jadida, Casablanca, Maroc
b Faculté de Médecine Dentaire, rue Abou Al Aala Zahar, B.P. 9157, Casablanca, Maroc
Received: July 6, 1998; in final form November 4, 1998
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We present a study of the range molecular interactions inside layers in smectic phases A and I of PBnA (phenyl-4 benzylidene 4'-alkylaniline) liquid crystals family. The purpose of this work is to determine the correlation length of the molecules' gravity centers in existing domain of smectic phases and at the transition between them. We used X-rays in-plane peaks of the pattern diffraction of aligned sample by a magnetic field.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.94.779
PACS numbers: 61.30.-v, 61.10.-i, 64.70.Md, 61.30.Gd