Optical Nonlinearities in Bulk GaAs Determined by EL2 Defect
M. Sudzius, L. Bastiene, S. Svitojus and K. Jarasiunas
Institute of Material Science and Applied Research, Division of Optical Diagnostics, Vilnius University, Sauletekio ave 9-3, 2054 Vilnius, Lithuania
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Time-resolved studies of light diffraction on free carrier phase gratings and light absorption in subnanosecond time domain were carried out in two distinct areas of semi-insulating GaAs with high and low growth-defect density. Numerical analysis was performed in order to reveal the role of EL2 defect in carrier generation and transport. The possibility of transient grating technique to study various defect-governed carrier relaxation processes were demonstrated experimentally.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.90.939
PACS numbers: 72.20.Jv