Magnetization of Pb1-xCrxTe Semimagnetic Semiconductor
W. Maca, T. Storyb and A. Twardowskia
aInstitute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University, Hoża 69, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland
bInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warszawa, Poland
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We present experimental studies of magnetization of Pb1-xCrxTe (x ≤ 0.01) crystals. The reasonable description of the data is obtained for a composition of x ≤ 0.001 using Cr+++ model (Brillouin type paramagnetism S = 3/2).
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.87.492
PACS numbers: 75.20.Hr, 75.50.Pp