Theoretical Investigation of the Complete Phase Diagram of the SmMn2Ge2 Metamagnet
P. Polaszek and Z. Onyszkiewicz
Magnetism Theory Division, Institute of Physics, A. Mickiewicz University, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 PoznaƄ, Poland
Received: June 14, 1993; in final form: October 20, 1993
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A two-sublattice Ising model with spatial four-spin and six-spin anisotropy added in order to describe SmMn2Ge2 metamagnet is discussed. The complete phase diagrams for this metamagnet as a function of hydrostatic pressure are obtained.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.84.1101
PACS numbers: 75.30.Kz