Electron Temperature in Semi-Insulating GaAs for Low Electric Fields
A. Zduniak, J. Łusakowski
Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University, Hoża 69, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland

and G. Nowak
Laboratory of Physics of Crystal Growth, Przyokopowa 28, 01-208 Warszawa, Poland
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Heating of electrons by electric fields smaller than that required for generation of domain oscillations was investigated in samples of EL2-rich semi-insulating GaAs. Current-voltage characteristics were measured as a function of temperature between 268 K and 330 K. They exhibit a sublinear shape which is interpreted as a result of an enhanced electron capture on the EL2. The capture rate and the electron temperature as a function of the electric field was determined. A fitting procedure gave the value of electron capture cross-section on the EL2 to be 2.7 × 10-13 cm2 which agrees with literature data.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.82.777
PACS numbers: 72.20.Ht