Electron Spin Resonance of Gamma Irradiated Single Crystals of Acetylcholine ß-Resorcylate
M. Birey, H. Aktaş
Faculty of Sciences, Ankara University, 06100 Tandoğan, Ankara, Turkey

and A. Alicilar
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Gazi University, 06570 Maltepe, Ankara, Turkey
Received: December 19, 1991; in final form: April 23, 1992
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The electron spin resonance of γ-irradiated single crystals of acetylcholine β-resorcylate has been observed and analyzed for different orientations of the crystals in a magnetic field. C14H21NO6 acetylcholine β-resorcylate single crystals and powders have been investigated between 120 and 360 K. The spectra were found to be isotropic down to 120 K. The isotropic value of g-factor and the hyperfine splitting constant of protons were found to be 2.0030 and 1.85 mT, respectively. The measurements indicate that 80% of unpaired electron is localized on the carbon and 20% is on the oxygens. The results are consistent with the literature data of the CH3COO¯ radical.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.81.607
PACS numbers: 33.10.+p, 35.20.Sd