Wigner-Racah Description of the Free-Electron Model
T. Lulek
A. Mickiewicz University, Institute of Physics, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 PoznaƄ, Poland
Received: July 15, 1991; in final form: September 6, 1991
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A version of Wigner-Racah type of approach is proposed for the model of a free-electron gas in a cubic box. The approach bases on the structure of fibre bundle in description of states of a single electron. Contrary to the tight binding model, the base of the bundle is the reciprocal space rather than the positional one. An elementary quantity of the approach is the star of quasi-momentum. Such a treatment reveals the degeneracy of energy levels of the system of N electrons, in particular of the ground Fermi level, for an uncomplete filling of stars. The associated classification of energy levels and corresponding states can be performed within an atomic-like Wigner-Racah scheme.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.80.769
PACS numbers: 02.20.+b, 71.45.-d, 75.10.Lp, 75.20.-g