Physical Properties of the Binary Mixtures of Ethanol + Benzene and Ethanol + Pyridine at Five Temperatures under Atmospheric Pressure
F. Aliaja, A. Gjevorib, N. Sylaa, N. Elezaja, B. Ziberic, B. Dalipid
aUniversity of Prishtina, Department of Physics, Eqrem Çabej Str. 51, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
bPolytechnic University of Tirana, Department of Physical Engineering, Mother Theresa Square No. 4, 1000 Tirana, Albania
cState University of Tetovo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Physics, Ilinden Str., 1200 Tetovo, North Macedonia
dUniversity ``Kadri Zeka'', Faculty of Education, Zija Shemsiu Str. 03, 60000 Gjilan, Kosovo
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Experimental densities and speeds of sound at temperatures 293.15, 298.15, 303.15, 308.15, and 318.15 K and viscosities at 298.15 K are reported in this paper for the binary liquid mixtures of ethanol + benzene and ethanol + pyridine over the entire composition range and atmospheric pressure. From these experimental data, the excess molar volumes, VE, deviations in viscosity, Δη, and isentropic compressibility Δκs were calculated and fitted by the Redlich-Kister polynomial to determine the adjustable fitting parameters and the standard deviations. The optimal number of adjustable parameters to be included in a Redlich-Kister polynomial for fitting thermodynamic excess and deviation data has been determined through F-test. The variation of excess and deviation functions with composition and temperature has been interpreted in terms of molecular interactions between the components of the mixture and structural effects.

topics: physical properties, Redlich-Kister polynomial, binary mixture, F-test