Measurement of Radiation Dose in Thyroid Scintigraphy
O. Günaya, M. Sarihana, O. Yarara, İ. Akkurtb, M. Demirc
astanbul Okan University, Vocational School of Health Services, Istanbul, Turkey
bSuleyman Demirel University Department of Physics, Faculty of Art and Science, Isparta, Turkey
cIstanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
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Determination of radiation dose rate is very important for public health and medical workers because the nuclear radiation is hazardous for all. In this study, radiation dose rate was determined after radiopharmaceutical injection for thyroid scintigraphy. Measurements of the dose rate were made at 12 different points: 25, 50, 100, and 200 cm from the patient's head, chest and foot level. Moreover, measurements were made at different times with GM counter to determine the dose rate decay. The amount of radioactivity injected into patients varies between 151 MBq (4.1 Ci) and 192 MBq (5.2 Ci), with average value of 162 MBq (4.4 Ci). The radiation dose rate at 100 cm from the patient's chest level, after 9.16, 28.83 and 49.66 min of injection was calculated as 7.56, 6.35 and 4.73 μSvh-1, respectively. After Tc-99m injection, healthcare professionals must be 1 m away from the patient for radiation safety. It was also emphasized that the public should not be in proximity to the patient nearer than 1 m for 3 h after injection.

topics: Tc99m, Scintigraphy, SPECT, Thyroid