Effect of Ca and Ce on Wear Behavior of Hot-Rolled AZ31 Mg Alloys
İ. Kara, T. Yousef, H. Ahlatci, Y. Türen
Karabük University, Metallurgy and Materials Eng. Department, Karabuk, Turkey
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In this study, Ca and Ce added AZ31 Mg alloys were produced by low pressure die casting method and the following materials were rolled at 400°. The wear properties of materials were investigated by wear test method according to ASTM-G133 in a dry condition at room temperature. The microstructure of samples investigated by light optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy both before and after corrosion tests. The twins and dynamic recrystallization (DRX) and the alloying elements play an important role to impart the final wear resistance of investigated materials.

topics: Mg alloys, Ca, Ce, hot rolling, wear