Neutron Shielding Calculation for Barite-Boron-Water
S. Al-Obaidia, H. Akyıldırıma, K. Gunoglub, I. Akkurta
aSüleyman Demirel University, Department of Physics, Isparta, Turkey
bIsparta Applied Science University, Isparta, Turkey
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Unstable nuclei may emit radiation in order to make transition to stable form. This radiation may also be neutron besides other particles or electromagnetic radiation. Besides using radiation in a variety of different fields, its effect on cells makes it dangerous for human health. Neutron is more interesting than others as it is more dangerous due to its neutral and heavy character. Therefore shielding from it is also more difficult than other radiation types. The aim of this work is to investigate shielding material properties against neutron particles emitted by spontaneous fission source 252Cf, using FLUKA Monte Carlo simulation code for some materials of barite-water-boron.

topics: FLUKA, simulation, neutron shielding