Study of the Influence of the Annealing Temperature on the Properties of SiC-SiO2 Thin Films
I. Bozetine, S. Kaci, A. Keffous, R. Rahmoune, H. Menari, A. Manseri
CRTSE, Division CMSI, 02 Bd Frantz Fanon, B.P. 140, Alger 7 Merveilles, Algiers, Algeria
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Nanocomposite SiC-SiO2 thin films were successfully synthesized on silicon and glass substrates by a physical vapor deposition method. The aim of this study is to show the influence of annealing temperature on the properties of SiC-SiO2 thin films. The deposition was carried out by a co-sputtering RF magnetron at 13.56 MHz, using one target of SiO2 and 2 strands of polycrystalline 6H-SiC. The properties of SiC-SiO2 thin films were investigated using two different techniques: scanning electron microscopy and reflectance spectroscopy. The SiC-SiO2 composite thin films showed a considerable decrease in reflectance from 21.63% to 11.85% at varying annealing temperatures in the range 450-900°.

topics: silicon carbide, silicon oxide, thin films