The Variational Calculation of Bulk Moduli for Liquid Binary Alloys of Alkali Metals. Acta Physica Polonica A 131, 237 (2019), ERRATUM
N.E. Dubinina, b
aUral Federal University, 19 Mira Str., 620002 Ekaterinburg, Russia
bInstitute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 101 Amundsen Str., 620016 Ekaterinburg, Russia
Received: April 11, 2016; in final form November 27, 2016
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nThe bulk moduli of the Na-K, Na-Cs, and K-Rb liquid equiatomic alloys at T=373 K are calculated by the variational method with the hard-sphere reference system. The local Animalu-Heine model pseudopotential and Toigo-Woodruff exchange-correlation function are used for the calculation. A good agreement with experimental data is achieved.

PACS numbers: 05.70.Ce, 61.20.Ne, 71.22.+i, 62.10.+s