Static and Dynamic of Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates in Synthetic Magnetic Field
Yu Lan, Jingming Hua, Bing Wang, Genwang Fan, Qiang Zhao
Department of Applied Physics, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan 063210, China
Received: November 23, 2017; in final form May 22, 2018
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We consider theoretically static and dynamic properties of vortex formation in trapped Bose-Einstein condensates in synthetic magnetic field and compare the results created by rotating frame method. As the first step, we discuss the ground state properties and show that the number of vortices and rotational frequency is a linear relation. We further deduce the analytical results and find it qualitatively agrees with numerical solutions. In addition, we explore the vortex dynamics, focusing on the difference between the two rotational methods. Numerical results indicate that synthetic magnetic field is more difficult to add a large angular momentum. However, this issue can be effectively improved by increasing the contact interaction.

PACS numbers: 67.85.-d, 03.75.Kk, 03.75.Lm