The Monte Carlo Method of Mixed Radiation Field Dose Assessment in the Cytogenetic Biodosimetry
A. Powojskaa, I. Słoneckaa, b, K.W. Fornalskic
aWarsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Physics, Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszawa, Poland
bCentral Laboratory for Radiological Protection (CLOR), Konwaliowa 7, 03-194 Warszawa, Poland
cEx-Polon Laboratory, Podleśna 81a, 05-552 Łazy, Poland
Received: June 2, 2018; revised version July 27, 2018; in final form August 7, 2018
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Without any available physical measurements, absorbed doses of radiation can be assessed through the use of biological methods, of which the most common is cytogenetic biodosimetry. Evaluating the absorbed dose of mixed radiation requires determining the separate doses of each component. This paper aims to test the effectiveness of the Monte Carlo method as an alternate statistical approach for assessing absorbed doses of mixed neutron-γ fields. It combines the iterative method with Bayesian statistics, allowing for evaluation both when the γ to total absorbed dose ratio is known as well as when it is not. Additionally, this paper demonstrates a few of the statistical tests made possible by the Monte Carlo technique, including the distribution of damages among cells.

topics: biodosimetry, radiation biophysics, Monte Carlo, Bayesian, dose assessment, cytogenetics