Influence of the Piezoelectric Ringing on the Temperature of the Beta Barium Borate Crystal
G. Sinkevicius, A. Baskys, N. Paulauskas
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Saulėtekio al. 5, LT-10221, Vilnius, Lithuania and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Naugarduko g. 41, LT-03227, Vilnius, Lithuania
Received: February 25, 2018; in final form July 17, 2018
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The influence of the piezoelectric ringing on the temperature of the beta barium borate Pockels cell crystal has been investigated. The experimental setup for the investigations was developed. The measurements of the Pockels cell crystal contrast ratio and temperature dependences on the applied high voltage pulse frequency for 10 different 3 mm×3 mm×25 mm beta barium borate Pockels cell crystals were performed. The transients of the beta barium borate Pockels cell temperature were measured at various high voltage pulse frequencies. Two parameters were recorded: the contrast ratio and the crystal temperature. The frequencies, at which the temperature increase caused by the piezoelectric ringing occurs, were determined. It has been shown that the contrast ratio of the beta barium borate Pockels cell crystal does not depend on the temperature. Additionally, the investigation of the deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate Pockels cell crystal ringing phenomenon was performed. It has been shown that from the point of view of the contrast ratio temperature stability Pockels cells based on the beta barium borate crystals are more preferable.

PACS numbers: 78.20.Jq, 77.84.-s, 78.20.Hp, 42.70.Hj, 42.60.Gd, 42.65.-k