Electrical, Electromechanical and Piezoelectric Properties of Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 Resonators at Elevated Temperatures
Yu. Suhaka, M. Schulz a, A. Sotnikov b, H. Schmidt b and H. Fritze a
aInstitute of Energy Research and Physical Technologies, Clausthal University of Technology, Am Stollen 19B, 38640, Goslar, Germany
bSAWLab Saxony, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW Dresden), Helmholtzstr. 20, 01069, Dresden, Germany
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The electrical conductivity, resonance frequency and piezoelectric strain constants are determined for ordered piezoelectric Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 (CTGS) single crystals from room temperature to 900°C. The latter result from three independent methods, namely resonant, ultrasonic pulse-echo, and laser Doppler vibrometry techniques, which allows validating the results. Further, the long-term behaviour of fundamental materials properties including electrical conductivity and resonance frequency are examined at 1000°C for CTGS crystals, grown by different manufacturers. After an initial period of about 500 h, the conductivity is found to remain nearly constant for at least 1500 h. In a period of 2000-5000 h a decrease of conductivity by only 20% is observed. The resonance frequency is found to decrease almost linearly in a period of 500-5000 h for all investigated samples.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.133.1056
PACS numbers: 77.65.Bn, 77.84.-s, 43.58.Bh, 07.20.Ka