Temperature Influence on the Functional Properties of Inductive Components with Mn-Zn Ferrite Cores
D. Jackiewicza, M. Kachniarz b and A. Bieńkowski a
aInstitute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, A. Boboli 8, 02-525 Warszawa, Poland
bIndustrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, Al. Jerozolimskie 202, 02-486 Warsaw, Poland
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The paper presents the results of investigation of the temperature influence on the inductance and power losses in ferrite cores. Such effect can significantly influence the utility parameters of electronic devices, particularly in precision equipment. For example slight parameter change in this type of components in measuring devices can cause significant changes in output parameters. It is also equally important for mobile devices where increase of losses can limit the duration of service. Special measurement system composed of hysteresis graph, cryostat and PC was utilized to perform: the experiment. The cores used during the investigation had closed magnetic circuit. In order to perform measurements of magnetic properties of the material, two sets of windings (magnetizing and sensing) were made on each core. The cores were placed in a cryostat, which was used to set the temperature value within the range from -20 to +50°C. The magnetic properties were measured by the hysteresis graph, to assess the influence of the temperature on the functional parameters.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.133.1024
PACS numbers: 84.30.Jc, 75.47.Lx, 75.50.Gg