Electrocaloric Cooling - A New Application of Relaxor Ferroelectrics
G. Suchaneck and G. Gerlach
TU Dresden, Solid State Electronics Laboratory, 01062 Dresden, Germany
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Until now, relaxor ferroelectrics are considered as a class of disordered materials possessing peculiar structures and properties which are not yet generalized into a universal model explaining the significant amount of experimental data available. In this work, we demonstrate that one feature of relaxor ferroelectrics - the extraordinary dielectric response - is well-suited for application in electrocaloric refrigerators. We consider the electrocaloric effect with special attention to relaxor ferroelectrics, the dielectric response in the temperature region of interest, the efficiency and the figure of merit of relaxor ferroelectrics for electrocaloric application.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.133.984
PACS numbers: 77.70.+a, 84.60.Bk, 77.80.Jk, 77.22.Ch