Recombination Luminescence in Ca3-xCdxGa2Ge3O12 Garnets Doped with Eu3+ Ions
L. Kostyk, A. Luchechko, S. Novosad, M. Panasyuk, M. Rudko, O. Tsvetkova
Ivan Franko Lviv National University, 107 Tarnavskoho Str., Lviv, 79017, Ukraine
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The results of the investigations of X-ray excitation spectra, thermostimulated luminescence and influence of light illumination on the thermoluminescence glow curves of Eu3+-doped Ca3-xCdxGa2Ge3O12 garnet polycrystalline samples are presented. It is shown that Ca3-xCdxGa2Ge3O12 polycrystalline samples are characterized by intrinsic luminescence, which consists of several components. The nature of intrinsic luminescence is discussed. It is suggested that the nature of thermoluminescence glow peak near 150 K is connected with the [(VGe+VO)--F+] associations formed under X-ray irradiation at 85 K. The influence of light illumination on the TSL intensity of the preliminary X-ray irradiated samples is shown.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.133.918
PACS numbers: 78.55.Hx, 78.60.Kn, 78.70.En