Calculations of Dark Current in Interband Cascade Type-II Infrared InAs/GaSb Superlattice Detector
K. Hackiewicz, P. Martyniuk, J. Rutkowski and A. Kowalewski
Institute of Applied Physics, Military University of Technology, S. Kaliskiego 2, 00-908 Warsaw, Poland
Received: May 4, 2017; In final form: August 29, 2017
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In this paper we investigate interband cascade type-II mid-wavelength infrared InAs/GaSb superlattice detector in temperature range from 200 K to 300 K. The paper is based on the theoretical calculation of dark current treated as a sum of two components: average bulk current and average leakage current, flowing through the device. The average leakage current results from a comparison of theoretically calculated bulk current and measured one. We show that it is possible to fit theoretical model to experimental data, assuming that transport in absorber is determined by the dynamics of the intrinsic carriers. Based on the fit we estimated carrier lifetime greater than 100 ns in temperature range 200-300 K.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1415
PACS numbers: 73.40.Mn, 73.61.Ey, 78.30.Fs, 85.60.Bt, 85.60.Gz