Design and Production Considerations on a Button Type Beam Position Monitor for Use of TAC-TARLA Facility
M. Tural Gundogana, C. Kaya b and O. Yavas a
aDepartment of Physics Engineering, Ankara University, 06100 Tandogan, Ankara, Turkey
bInstitute of Accelerator Technologies, Ankara University, 06830 Golbasi, Ankara, Turkey
Received: January 23, 2017; Revised version: May 10, 2017; In final form: October 16, 2017
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Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) facility is a superconducting linac-based infrared free-electron laser light source in the frame of Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC). Construction of the facility premises was completed in 2009, with a continued progress of hardware and infrastructure installation until today. In this respect, a button type beam position monitor (BPM) is designed, produced and tested for use of TARLA facility. Antenna simulations and mechanical design studies based on TARLA electron beam parameters are carried out by the software computer simulation technology. In this paper, its design and production highlights are discussed in detail, and the original results are summarized.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1333
PACS numbers: 41.60.Cr, 29.27.-a, 29.27.Fh, 07.10.-h, 07.57.-c