Detailed Analysis of Differential Cross Sections of Elastic Scattering for n+208Pb Reaction
N. Karpuz Demir
Amasya University, Sabuncuo─člu ┼×erefeddin Vocational School of Health Services, Amasya, Turkey
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Differential cross sections for elastic scattering of neutrons from 208Pb target have been calculated with TALYS 1.6 nuclear code. Angular distributions were obtained for incident neutron energies of 5 to 96 MeV. The calculated data were compared with experimental results from literature. Calculations for angular distribution of elastic scattering of 208Pb, made with TALYS 1.6 nuclear code, show good agreement with experimental data.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1189
PACS numbers: 25.40.Dn, 29.87.+9