Calculations of Temperature Rise in Al, Cu and Fe Photon Collimators for 8-32 MeV Photon Beams
Z.N. Kuluöztürka, N. Demirb and İ. Akkurtc
aBitlis Eren University, Vocational School of Health Services, Bitlis, Turkey
bUludağ University, Physics Department, Bursa, Turkey
cSüleyman Demirel University, Physics Department, Isparta, Turkey
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We have focused on temperature changes in the collimator at the TARLA bremsstrahlung photon facility. One of the important parameters during the design of an ideal collimator, especially for high-energy photons, is temperature rise in the collimator material. For this purpose, energy deposition in the collimator materials was simulated using the FLUKA Monte Carlo code. Depending on energy deposition values, temperature rise in the collimator materials of Al, Cu and Fe was calculated for photon beams with 8-32 MeV energies.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1168
PACS numbers: 07.05.Tp, 02.70.Uu, 29.17.+w