Evaluation of pH Value by Using Image Processing
A. Beycioğlua, B. Çomaka and D. Akçaabatb
aDüzce University, Civil Engineering Department, Düzce, Turkey
bFibrobeton Construction Materials Industry and Trade Inc., Düzce, Turkey
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In this study strong HCl acid was titrated with a strong base of NaOH. Increasing pH values were observed during such titration. Depending on the existence of indicator in the solution, the equivalence point was determined when the color of the solution had turned into pink. After finding the equivalence point, images were taken after every addition of base to the acid solution. These images were evaluated using red, green and blue values of the pixels, through an image processing program. After analyzing the image results, it was found that the percentage of red values had increased with the increasing pH value. As a result, the image processing techniques can be used as an alternative approach to find pH values of titrated solutions.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.1142
PACS numbers: 34.50.Lf