Investigation of Radiation Shielding Properties of Soda-Lime-Silica Glasses Doped with Different Food Materials
B. Çetina, Ş. Yalçinb, B. Aktasc and M. Albaşkarac
aAmasya University, Physics Department, Amasya, Turkey
bHarran University, Physics Department, Sanliurfa, Turkey
cHarran University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sanliurfa, Turkey
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In this study, radiation shielding properties of soda-lime-silica glasses doped with different food materials such as the egg shell and the peanut shell powders were investigated. Egg shell and peanut shell powders were obtained by grinding of waste shells in an agate mortar. The SLS glass samples with varying egg shell/peanut shell content were produced by melting. The measurements have been performed using the gamma spectrometer, containing a 3" × 3" NaI (Tl) detector, and connected to a full featured 16K channel Multi Channel Analyzer provided by ORTEC/MAESTRO-32 software.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.988
PACS numbers: 29.40-n, 29.40-Mc