Wing Aerodynamic Optimization by Using Genetic Algoritm and Ansys
I. Cayiroglua and R. Kilicb
aKarabuk University, Mechatronic Engineering Department, Karabuk, Turkey
bSakarya University, Sakarya M.Y.O. 54187 Sakarya, Turkey
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The design of aircraft wings can be examined in two ways, namely, by aerodynamic analysis and by structural analysis. In aerodynamic terms, the wing is expected to display such features as maximum lifting load, minimum drag force, and high stall performance; In structural terms, it is desired to be light, robust, and away from vibration effects. In this paper optimization of the wing aerodynamic analysis of a private jet plane has been performed. Wing simulation was conducted with Ansys-Fluent program, whereas optimization of design criteria was realised using genetic algorithm. Design criteria determined in parametric terms have been optimized with genetic algorithm, which was written in Python, inside the Ansys-Workbench. Python was not sufficient on its own for the realization of the genetic algorithm and for control of the Ansys modules, as a result, it was assisted with Javascript and Journaling. The developed method can be used in a variety of design applications.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.981
PACS numbers: 47.85.Gj, 47.11.Fg